Modern bathroom colors: actual trends and tendencies

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Its interior decoration should be comfortable and pleasant. Bathroom color design is aimed at improving the aesthetic pleasure, illumination, and visual space increase.

Most bathrooms in modern apartments don’t have access to natural light sources so warm and light interior colors are preferable. Cold shades are appropriate for rooms with the window. An equally important aspect is the color of the sanitary ware. White sanitary accessories are combined with a wide range of shades.

Green bathroom color

Green color

Many psychologists recommend painting walls in green color for its beneficial effect. Green color creates a relaxing atmosphere and associates with the fragrant freshness of nature, juicy grass and fluffy tree crowns. In order to avoid interior unevenness, it’s recommended to experiment with a variety of green shades or white color. White sanitary accessories can maintain the eco-style of the bathroom. You can combine green color with light and pastel tones to make the room more spacious.

Blue bathroom color

Blue color

The blue color can create a sea breeze atmosphere in the bathroom. It belongs to the cool colors category. Combine it with warm colors such as beige, orange, gold or green to fill the room more comfortable for everyday use. You can also combine blue, white and silver shades to make your bathroom fresher and neat.

Orange bathroom color

Orange shades

Orange is a color of joy and fun. It’s the right choice for active people. But arrange and red bathrooms should follow certain design canons and rules. Juicy orange shades narrow the walls and visually reduce the area which isn’t good for the small rooms. You can mute the main color with green, white, cream, gray and blue tones. The combination of orange and gray/white is considered as a classic of high-tech and contemporary bathroom styles. You can also replace orange color with a soft peach or apricot hue if the room isn’t big.

Black bathroom color

Black color

Black bathrooms are most in demand for their luxury and exclusivity style. Designers often combine black color with gold, silver, gray or sandy-golden accents. Avoid black color if the bathroom is too small. Otherwise, you’ll get a gloomy and depressing room. You can use black shades fragmentary or in the form of edging/decoration.

Choosing the right color palette is very important. Consider the presence of windows and the size of the room. The right color will allow you to create the desired room atmosphere.

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