How to remove or replace tiles?

Renovation in bathroom or kitchen requires a special approach. It’s not so easy to remove or replace tiles. Usually, you just need to break the tiles only to clean the whole wall. But what if you need to remove some parts without breaking the whole structure? It all depends on how reliably the tiles were laid and what tools do you have. You need to work very carefully. Each process has its own sequence.

Preparation to replace tiles

Pre-layout all the tools and get ready. The first stage is the removal of the mortar and cleaning the joints between the tiles. Use water to make the mortar softer. Then remove it by using a spatula or other similar tool. It won’t take much time in case of cracks absence.

How to remove individual fragments

Incorrect installation or mechanical damage can cause tile cracks. Try not to break the remaining tiles. Remove the grout. Then draw two diagonal lines on the tile. Drill a hole in the center and on the sides of it. It will facilitate its dismantling. Use a chisel and a hammer to remove the tiles and mortar. Removing many tiles can be done using a hatchet or chisel. Insert the tool under the tile and hit the tool with a hammer. Tap on the tile in order to find the voids under the tiles. With a loud sound, you can identify a weak spot.

How to remove or replace tiles

Using a rotary hammer

Rotary hammer helps to remove the tile quickly thanks to its impact mechanism. Work neatly and all the elements remain intact. This method requires certain skills and preliminary work experience. Do not use a rotary hammer in the absence of proper skills. Call the professionals or use other methods and everything will be OK.

Dismantling by hooks

Use the construction hooks to pick up the tiles from all sides. You should pre-remove excess grout. This method is suitable for replacement of individual elements or spot repairs. The method is cheap and allows avoiding undesirable chipping of the surface. You can find these fixtures in any construction shop.

How to remove mortar glue

How to remove mortar glue?

Tiled adhesive or mortar must be removed. Use water to wet the surface. It will soften the structure of the mortar. Then use a spatula or any other similar cleaning tool. The cleaned surface should be treated with a primer for better adhesion. Then you can apply the mortar and set the tile. The process does not require a high level of knowledge and skills. Follow the instructions and all processes will pass easily and quickly.

Or maybe better to call the master?

If you want to save your time and nerves, then we advise you to trust professionals. If you live in Vancouver or nearby, our guys will happily do this heavy and dusty work. Call or Get Free Estimate with our feedback form.

And you will be ready for the fact that soon your room will be transformed!

New bathroom

New bathroom


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